Terms and Conditions


Ridley & Partners, Inc. offers wholesale Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) to the United State Government, commercial entities, industrial entities, as well as the general public. Our packing and minimum order quantities are associated with bulk purchases. As such, general wholesale terms apply.


All goods are either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ex-stock or custom made at the time of order. While most of our products are listed within our on line store as "In-Stock", lead time and availability is subject to change without notice and may change after you have placed an order or in some cases can not be confirmed until after you have placed and order. If you placed a prepaid on line order and it is determined that the OEM cannot fulfill the order for whatever reason we will work with you to either find a suitable substitute item or cancel the order if you desire. Certain items such as Level A or Level B protective suits are custom made and as such have long lead times. If this a concern, we would request that you inquire about lead times prior to order.


Order cancellation is generally not available on custom made and/or ordered products. All sales are final and returns are generally not allowed without commercial impacts and/or prior approval. Some items due to their nature are simply non-returnable and as such these sales are final.


We reserve the right to refuse orders at any time. If you have prepaid we will re-fund your purchase price or make other arrangements. While this is applicable to all products it is particularly applicable to export controlled goods.


Our online store if configured to accept payment through pay-pal. Other forms of payment such as wire transfer or checks are acceptable under certain circumstances.


If you are located outside of the United States and require us to export goods to your location then additional costs associated with export documentation and/or export shipping will apply. Please contact us to discuss any export related orders.


Shipping is performed by nationally known third (3rd) party carriers. We do not offer shipping insurance unless you have specifically made prior arrangements. As such our liability for shipping losses ends at our lading area if you have elected not to insure your shipment. In some cases shipping may be offered at no cost due to bulk volume purchases of particular items or groups of particular items.


The advertised online price is generally the lowest sale price regardless of quantity ordered. However, most OEM's offer bulk discounting and we are glad to be able to extend those discounts to our clients when possible and available. As such, if you have a bulk order that you need to fill please contact us for a customized quote.


Lastly, you are responsible for your own safety. No products offered on this website are warranted to provide any specified level of protection. All products offered on this website are to be used only by trained, qualified, and/or competent persons as a part of a comprehensive occupational safety and health plan system.




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